acrylic prints

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic printing is the latest modern trend for showcasing your amazing photographs or digital images. Acrylic gives your images a modern and sophisticated look with the highest resolution possible, making the viewing experience of your images as showcased at the finest art galleries around the world. Your images are printed directly on acrylic with the highest- quality archival pigmented inks that capture lifelike colors with amazing clarity and depth.

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Why choose Acrylic Printing?
Acrylic displays colors that look as vivid as real life, it is anti-reflective and scratch resistant, it is durable, tough and it helps protect images from fading. Acrylic prints are available in different widths, sizes and styles. We offer only the best quality acrylic, available in two versions, TruLife® Digital Acrylic and TruLife® Standard Acrylic. Trulife Acrylic is easy to clean (like glass), repels dust and is shatter resistant, as to protect against injury or damage to your artwork.