Business Model Penny Imaging Exchange

Business Model

Move your business from stagnation to growth with the right outsourcing relationship.

Feburary 2017

Find you scanning bureau's new niche, with unique new high quality flatbed scanning services provided by penny imaging. 

Digitize mounted media, over-sized items up to 48" x 70", paintings, and large 3D materials all with one machine. 

High resolution scans can be generated in grayscale B&W or color.

Great for transparencies, fragile items and newspapers.

Also for small items like stamps, or architectural drawings. 

Find your new niche digitizing items previously impossible to scan, up to 48" x 70".

Contact us for more information on the largest flatbed scanner in the world.

May 2016

Why risk your investments and reputation? We have made major investments in technology, software, personnel and training, devoted to support your Service Bureau projects. Our focus is your Service Bureau project and our success is dependent on your success!

March 2016

We serve as a reliable alliance to help support and expand the bureaus offerings so they can focus on their core strengths while keeping up with customer expectations for modern turnkey solutions.  This ensures a triumphant relationship that is mutually beneficial.

February 2016

Penny Imaging Exchange (PIE) is unique in that we serve as a wholesale conversion bureau providing comprehensive professional backroom digitizing services to consultants, integrators, resellers and conversion bureaus throughout North America.

Janurary 2016

Expand your business with a non-competitive relationship alliance with Penny Imaging Exchange!

December 2015

For our service bureau customers we scan large drawings in color or black & white and with various DPI options.

November 2015

Indexing for scanning bureaus includes offshore verification to ensure accuracy, matching of images or data to existing databases, clean up and formatting as needed for upload. With complete project management by Penny Imaging from start to end on behalf of your scanning bureau.
Penny Imaging Exchange. We invest. You Request. We respond.

October 2015

At Penny Imaging we address your inquiries and generate questions to pass on to your customers. 
We also create samples and make suggestions on best way to proceed with indexing and scanning projects.

September 2015

At Penny Imaging we address your inquiries and generate questions to pass on to your customers. 
We also create samples and make suggestions on best way to proceed with indexing and scanning projects.

At Penny Imaging we focus on responding to your calls, your emails and your requests,
because your customer’s indexing and scanning projects are our main priority.

Penny Imaging Exchange. We invest. You request. We repsond

August 2015

At Penny Imaging your Conversion Bureau project is our responsibility, and includes analysis, testing, management, operations, experienced staff, quality verification and timely completion – all on your behalf

Penny Imaging Exchange. We invest, you request, we respond.

July 2015

Wonder how your competition runs lean & cuts expenses, while increasing profits?

They focus on customer service, while we invest in the fuel needed
to run a scanning bureau - personnel - equipment - communication and management.

Slashing your Service Bureau costs and increasing profits!

Archival, microfiche and microfilm.

June 2015

Subject: A Happy Scanning Bureau for All the Right Reasons

From archive writing…film developing and all forms of film duplicating.

To… scanning books…large drawings and… all film media types.

You would be smiling too…. if your outsourcing partner was in the U.S…… was not a competitor… and offered ALL the wholesale conversion services… you will ever need.
And All …for your Scanning Bureau

Archival, microfiche and microfilm.

May 2015

You are the sales face of your conversion company

and we are the backroom operation 

that frees up your time

and helps you to close the sale.

Penny imaging Exchange

we invest 

you request 

We respond

Microfilm, archival, microfiche

April 2015

How do our West Coast Scanning Bureaus get expedited service?
They take advantage of our fast and secure site to receive or transmit images to Penny Imaging.

1. As we scan they download images and promptly deliver to their customers.

2. When they need us to OCR or write images to microfilm – they post to our secure site and we expedite the microfilm creation.

3. We run 24 hours - 7days as needed and projects are rushed to meet deadlines and customer expectations.

4. When customer needs rush access to a file they simply download from our secure site.

Our West Coast transmissions are fast and reliable in both directions.

You scan – Transmit – We process or Write to Film.
We Scan – Transmit – You Deliver to your customer

March 2015

How To Run A lean & Profitable Scanning Bureau

Send Specifications & Media to Penny Imaging

You Receive Samples and Sales Assistance

We Manage Entire Conversion Project on Your Behalf

Wholesale Scanning For Service Bureaus

Keep It Simple - No Capital Investments – No Complications

We Invest – You Request – We Respond

Microfilm scanning
Archive writing
Microfiche scanning 
aperture scanning
book scanning
ocr pdf

Analogue and Digital: Two Ways to Earn Revenue From the Same Customer 

Disaster Double Dipping: Writing digital images back to analogue 35mm and 16mm microfilm as a disaster back up is often a new archival requirement.

Yet digitizing old archival microfilm is a modern requirement as well.

This creates two revenue sources from one customer.
Disaster Back Up & Digitization

And we have your back!

No Experience Needed: We will provide free samples and sales support.
No Capital Investment: Our pay-as-you-go method gives you access to all of our equipment and personnel while only paying for services used. 

Disaster & Digitization Double Dipping: Your Scanning Bureau can double revenues from the same account.

Contact us to learn more about this profitable sales strategy.
Penny Imaging is your new pathway to success. 
We Invest - You Request - We Respond.

Microfilm scanning
Archive writing
Microfiche scanning 
aperture scanning
book scanning
ocr pdf

February 2015

Intro: Does your conversion sales staff need technical support and pricing? Our focus is on helping your team throughout the sales process.

As a non-competitor, we understand the knowledge and responsiveness customers demand from service bureaus. We also routinely provide free sales training and technical support; so your staff can feel free to call Penny Imaging with questions about new, potential conversion opportunities. 

Our experienced staff will work with you step by step. We will educate, train, generate samples, and manage the live conversion. With this, your clients will acknowledge your experience and value your services.

We are sales support for conversion services. Let our industry experience elevate your Service Bureau by helping you land the sale. 
We Invest – You Request – We Respond.

Archive Writing.

January 2015

At Penny Imaging our customers don't say go to hell man, instead they tell others to go to hellman.
“Penny Imaging Exchange has been involved with the AIIM community for over 10 years and has established themselves as a strong voice.” - Peggy Winton, Vice President AIIM
“The Penny Imaging team have been a pleasure to deal with from day one. They are efficient, professional and ultimately dependable. The company has produced great quality output and I’d highly recommend them as a provider.”  - Brian Martin, Director Celtic Imaging
“Establishing a strategic partnership with Penny Imaging has been the single best business decision I've made during my years of owning PRaxess. Working with Hellman Chica and his company has enabled me to greatly expand the range of services to my clients and has helped bring my business into the digital age”  - Marc Zeitschik, President Praxess Associates
“Working with Hellman and the Penny Imaging Team has been great. Their microfilm scanning services are the best in the industry. The quality of their work and professionalism gives us the ability to grow our business and offer more services.”

- Troy Lippert, Business Development E-Z Photo Scan
Penny Imaging Exchange provides a mutually beneficial relationship alliance worth bragging and you too will be telling others, to go hellman.

December 2014

What do you mean by scanning bureaus being underappreciated?
This is obviously to service bureaus  whose customers sometimes become their competitors because they think they can do the work themselves. Or maybe it is an actual competitor and are looking to cut corners.
So how do you fight back?
With strong relationships and branding, this allows the service bureau to become a marketing machine while cutting operational, personnel, equipment costs. This is done by having us invest in the equipment and personnel to manage the conversions. Branding then becomes your core focus, now and for future generations.
What do you mean by core focus?
Because we are not a competitor our focus is the conversion project while the service bureaus focusing on marketing and innovation. Its a true partnership in the way business is done in the 21st century.

November 2014

Penny Imaging exchange’s high end book scanning system provides a more comprehensive solution to scanning lab books, oversized,valuable and complex media in color or black and white. Using state of the art digital technology we capture crystal clear high resolution images of frail books with very delicated pages. Laboratory notebooks, books with attachments, documents and newspaper that were once too fragile or difficult to scan can now be captured with extreme precision without causes damage to the original media. Our system allows us to work with hard to handle binding, torn documents and damaged books. Every page is expertly handled by our staff to preserve the integrity of the source material. The overhead camera system enables us to easily capture large oversize documents and books without quality loss.

The high resolution cameras allows us to capture fine color in detail in faded text. Providing a true replication of the original. All images are captured in their true color with options for grayscale and bitonal conversion. These high resolution images accurately capture the document’s every detail including faded text and very small writing. The improved image quality enhances post-process conversions such as ocr recognition. Our capability allows resellers and imaging professionals to offer high end full service book scanning solution to their customers including frail and  fragile media, large format and oversized documents , books with attachments, lab notebooks and other media requiring special handling. In addition we provide high resolution images, enhanced ocr recognition, page bleed through elimination, true color images, and an experienced staff. To learn more about how your company can leverage our resources, visit us online at

October 2014

What do you mean by using branding to jump to the front of the line?

Well just like cell phones allow remote towns to bypass landlines. Our business model allows microfilm  bureaus to skip to the front of the line when it comes to modernizing their digital services for the next generation.

So doesn’t that require capital investments and a major learning curve?

Professional conversion equipment can be very expensive and then you have the added burden of keeping the machine busy once the first project has been completed. You might also need multiple pieces  of equipment just for one project. Since we are not a competitor  we handle the conversion work for you, which means no learning curve. Plus we invest in new equipment and respond to the microfilm bureau's requests. This way the service bureau has no capital investments and instead focus on existing customers  and marketing for future generations.

Do you provide sales support?

Yes.  We will work with the microfilm viewer personnel, we will walk them through each step of the sales process. We teach and generate questions who will work with the microfilm viewer. We will help to define the project and make suggestions on how best to proceed. We will also generate free generate samples for custom branding.

September 2014

Why is Penny Imaging Exchange (PIE) focused on assisting scanning and storage bureaus?

With over 25 years of experience working with service bureaus we know how hard these companies work and how much they need a truly dependable relationship in order to be triumphant in the modern age. So our model is to be a supportive relationship alliance whose success is contingent on mutual dependence and respect.

What do you mean by mutual dependence?

The last thing that bureaus need is another competitor; what they need is a supportive relationship. Especially now that technology has changed the industry, making it even harder for each bureau to meet every need of its clientele. 

How do you assist the bureaus?

We serve as a reliable alliance to help support and expand the bureaus offerings so they can focus on their core strengths while keeping up with customer expectations for modern turnkey solutions.  This ensures a triumphant relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Offerings & samples from the hundreds of projects underway in just the last few months:

  • Major Service Bureau awards us the conversion of 30 million digital images to be written to film within a 6 month time frame
  • High speed Fujitsu 5900-C paper scanners added to our dedicated paper scanning bureau in Lawrenceville Georgia
  • Awarded large litigation related project requiring microfilm and paper scanning with PDF OCR conversion
  • Grayscale uncompressed scanning of fiche projects awarded to PIE by various Service Bureau customers. Highly complex and detailed oriented fiche scanning projects that have challenged other bureaus are going smoothly through our operation using our special DRS Digitizer. Includes work done for bureaus that work for very demanding customer throughout the U.S, such as museums and libraries
  • On-going aperture card conversion now in its 5th year
  • Large magazine imaging project underway using overhead book scanners with the final product being a searchable PDF file distributed to subscribers with flip-it viewing software on CDs
  • PIE offers new services to archive write to 35mm film from color, bitonal or grayscale images
  • Large newspaper PDF/OCR project awarded to PIE by Service Bureau as part of on-going conversion
  • Midwest bureaus partner with PIE for the conversion of thousands of 16mm and 35mm reels
  • On-going archive writing project awarded to PIE continues on schedule with regular deliveries to customer for third party state inspection - all reels passed inspection
  • PIE to sponsor the upcoming AIIM Service Bureau forum in Tennessee
  • Various newspaper to digital conversion projects underway with PDF-OCR processing. Inclusive of splitting, merging, cropping, re-sizing, MRC compression, PDF/A generation
  • Service Bureaus that scan their own paper files have partnered with us to handle the OCR and indexing on their behalf
  • X-ray scanning project underway
  • Two redundant secure FTP servers added to our network to facilitate daily exchanges with customers for tests (proof-of-concept projects), Live project and with our data & image processing services in Lawrenceville GA
  • Large west coast conversion of school records from film is underway
  • Hundreds of projects underway for Service Bureaus, reseller, consultants and integrators throughout most U.S states, Alaska, Canada and Europe


Referrals have become a major factor in our growth and the success of our Service Bureau customers has led to mutual success and many long term relationships - Thank you!


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