Since 2003 we have been providing high quality professional conversion services supported by consistent and open communications. This ensures projects are accurately completed on time and to specifications, from your hard copy or digital images.

If you have any questions feel free to email ( or call (631)563-6366 x301.

Images can be sent to us via email ( along with your specifications, we can also download from your site or you can post the images directly to our DROPBOX account.

If you prefer to ship, please send to:
Penny Imaging CAD Conversions
1505 Lincoln Ave
Holbrook NY 11741.


Pricing is $18/hour - The volume and complexity of data on drawings as well as project specifications, will determine how many hours will be needed to ensure a professional and accurate conversion.

We will review your drawings and provide pricing in advance, so that you are fully aware of total hours calculated per drawing. Images can be emailed to us (, we can also download from your site or you can request access to our DROPBOX or HIGHTAIL accounts.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time depends on volume and specifications, but files are typically delivered within 3-5 days. All work is verified for accuracy multiple times during the process. The delivered CAD files will be dimensionally accurate, layered and at full scale.

Quality Assurance

All work is verified by experienced engineers against the original drawings and checked for all technical elements. Corrections are made as needed and then the corrections are once again verified for accuracy.

After completion of Quality checks, the file is sent to a different QA team of engineers for another round of verification. In this stage aspects such as layering schema, templates used, deliverable formats, etc. are again verified to ensure they are in line with specifications.

Our Customers

Our customers are Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Cartographers, from Aerospace, Medical Facilities, Manufacturers, Government (state, local, federal), Education, Designers, Surveyors, Mining, Ground Mapping, Construction and Facilities Management.

Conversions include plat maps, architectural, engineering, machine drawings, historical archives, mechanical, civil, working drawings, maps, utility plans, construction documents, site plans, and various other documents, image and autocad formats.