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Can you digitize large or delicate items that are difficult to scan?

Yes, our focus is on scanning oversize, valuable, unique & delicate items that require specialized equipment.

What type of items can you scan?

Books, blueprints, artwork, maps, newspapers, posters, frail documents, film, aperture cards, fiche & more.

What type of film can you scan?

Aperture cards, fiche, microfilm rolls, Xrays, slides and oversize negatives or transparencies.

What is the highest DPI and largest item you can scan?

We can scan items up to 48” x 70” at up to 600DPI in color, grayscale, or B&W.

What file formats are available?

Most all formats, so just let us know your preference. Common formats are TIFF, JPG, PDF, XML, and Text.

How do you archive images?

We generate archival 35mm or 16mm microfilm to meet government and state requirements.

Can I request a sample?

Yes, email and we will process a free sample.

How do I get the items to you for scanning?

Ship to: Penny Imaging 1505 Lincoln Avenue Holbrook, New York 11741

How fast can I get samples tested?

We expedite samples within 1-2 days and sometimes same day depending on specifications.

How do I receive the images?

We can email, post the images to our Sftp or yours for download. Or we can ship on DVD or external drive.

How do I get back my materials?

We will provide the images for review and then ship back the materials upon your approval.

Can you process digital images?

Yes, images can be transmitted or shipped to us along with instructions on processing requirements.

How do you process digital images?

Indexing, cropping, redacting, cleanup, OCR, formatting or writing to 35mm and 16mm microfilm.

What is Penny Imaging?

We are not a competitor. We are a wholesale scanning company that opens up new sales channels on your behalf by investing in new equipment.

Suggestions or questions

Email at – glad to discuss your specific needs or ideas and assist in the sales process.