Wholesale Conversions For B2B Partners

Microfilm Archive Writing

We write color, B&W and grayscale images to archival 35mm and 16mm microfilm on your behalf. The film is inspected in our microfilm lab by our technicians for quality, accuracy, format, density & resolution. In addition Methylene Blue testing is done by FUJI on a regular basis to test for residual thiosulfate to ensure archival performance. The images can be shipped to us or posted to our Sftp and we will generate high quality 35mm or 16mm rolls for you.


We also generate 35mm/16mm diazo or silver duplicates (positive or negative). The duplicates can be delivered on standard or acid free white boxes.


You can contact us by email at outsourcing@pennyimaging.com or call (631)563-6366 x 301 or note any special instructions then ship to:

Penny Imaging
1505 Lincoln Ave
Holbrook NY 11741

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